Interactive Event Marketing

How will you Wow at your next event? Gold Media Group helps you deliver innovative experiential marketing solutions for events and promotions.

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Data/Lead Capture Systems

We'll take boring data scans and help you turn them into innovative brand interaction experiences that deliver better lead generation results EVERY TIME.

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Generate more interactions at the most critical moment in consumer decision making - the point-of-purchase. Create powerful point-of-sale promotions.

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Event and Promotional Marketing Systems

We pride ourselves on creating cutting edge technology to enhance special event marketing. Since 1984 our people and products have added SIZZLE to your promotions, event marketing, and loyalty programs. We make data capture, field reporting, and customer tracking convenient, reliable and fun. We are not just a supplier of cool, high-tech gadgets and software. We are creators of cool, high-tech gadgets and software to improve your experiential marketing strategies.

I am ecstatic to report that not only consumer acceptance was very high, our field staff was elated on the ease of use of the datacap.X5 devices. For the few times we needed technical assistance, your service and response was top notch. Charter Comm. send their appreciation on job well done with a short lead time"

- Megan Schulte, Senior AE, Ogilvy Action

Some of our best products came to life as a result of a request by a client. That’s why we call ourselves the “what if” guys. With more than 20 years experience supporting the promotional marketing industry, if you can think it, Gold Media Group can figure out a way to do it.