Custom Solutions

We've provided custom versions of each of our services, helping you develop a unique creative solution for your event. Leverage our extensive catalog of existing options or work with our experienced team to design something fresh!

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Low Tech Solutions Too!

Gold Media Group can help you with lo-tech solutions, too. Just ask the folks at Captain Morgan who needed something fast and easy for on-site interactive promotions.

We provided them the perfect combination of interactive fun, without the need for devices or kiosks.


Download more our black light solution for Captain Morgan here





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Tradeshow traffic!

Sometimes solutions just seem obvious once we build them. PromoScan is one of those solutions.

Mutual of Omaha needed to keep people at the booth longer so they could gather more information, and the traditional methods just weren't working. We combined scanning technology with our handheld datacap devices and came up a great solution.


Download our PromoScan brochure here




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Go beyond the norm.

With so many options to choose from, let us work with you to design the ultimate solution for your event. Use our handheld data capture devices, scanners, touch screens, tablets, or combine them all.


Whether your promotions are events or point of sale, Gold Media Group will help you drive better results!



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