Data/Lead Capture Solutions

Creative technology solutions that turn customer lead generation opportunities into unique brand interaction promotions.

datacap x5 is a leading data capture system

datacap X5

Lighter and more powerful handheld devices, datacap.X5 will create powerful mobile brand experience, and more options for data collection. For your next tradeshow or live marketing event, use datacap.X5 to interact with consumers and gather information. Advanced UI helps you impress consumers instantly!. Read More


datacap 3000 data capture technology for your next sales and marketing promotion

datacap 3000

The datacap 3000 provides the top of the line data capture technology available, with state of the art character recognition software, scanner attachments for drivers licenses, customizable entry forms and more...Read More


datacap 1000 data capture system for your next live event

datacap 1000

The datacap 1000 data capturing device is a small but mighty computer with customizable capabilities to suit any situation. Not only will it help build your customer list, but it will succeed in drawing attention to you during your next event. Read More


custom solutions for data capture and lead capture systems

Custom Solutions

We have a library of turnkey solutions, but some of our best solutions come from working with customers on creating a unique, custom marketing solution for an event. Experiential marketing sometimes presents new challenges that require a partner who is more than a supplier – Gold Media Group relishes these challenges and always succeeds. Contact Us Now for a proposal.