Hook Me Up!

Makes you the biggest crowd pleaser in the market. Each Hook Me Up package includes everything you need to run a successful 30 day promotion. It's like a party in a box!

interactive event promotion system for experiential marketing

Here's how it works

Players are asked to answer a series of 5 questions on the pen-based electronic tablet. The responses are scored and the player receives a label coded with their score to attach to their game piece. A game sponsor, armed with an MSS, mingles with the crowd and scans player. s labels. The MSS screen indicates whether the players survey responses are the same, similar or completely different. Screens encourage players to go for it or to keep looking! When a match does appear & the work is done! The players take it from there. With the Hook Me Up package all the details have been worked out. You simply make the call and wait for an incredible response!


tablet pc event promotion system

Basic package includes

30-day rental of one Mobile scanning machine (MSS), one pen-based electronic tablet programmed with Hook Me Up software, 2" x 3" printed game piece labels & barcode labels.

Custom Package Available

All the same great features and equipment from the Basic Package PLUS add-ons like prize giveaways, customized themes and questions and additional game piece options: custom labels, buttons, bracelets or lanyards. Rates are quoted.


branded interactive event marketing promotion

Sample Questions

If I had an hour to waste I would...

  • Round up the gang for cocktails
  • Spend it on the phone with a buddy catching up
  • Curl up with a good book

One of my best personality traits is...

  • I have to pick just one?
  • Ask my homies
  • I’ll keep your secrets til I die

I like music that...

  • Rocks, baby
  • Tops the charts
  • Was composed by a guy in a curly wig


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Here's How Easy It Is

  1. Sell the 30-day promotion package to a client.
  2. Call 800-747-8740 and order Hook Me Up.
  3. Send camera ready artwork via disc, negatives or color separated copies. Or, send up to 2 logos and we’ll create the game piece for you.
  4. Sit back and wait for the fun to begin. EASY!


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