Match and Win

Match & Win, an extended frequency program that increases product awareness and generates repeat traffic to in-store displays, with a pull-tab game piece and a scrolling LED marquee.


How it works:

  1. Consumer receives a game piece.
  2. A marquee sign is set up in the store and incorporated as part of an end cap display or product shelf. The marquee scrolls product advertising messages and game instructions.
  3. For week one of play, the message says “Pull Tab E”. Week two the message is “Pull Tab B”. Week three the signs reads “Pull Tab A.” **This message changes each week. Message updates are programmed in the sign’s internal clock and do not require store personnel!
  4. Consumer brings the game piece into the store weekly to check the marquee and find out which tab to pull. A picture is displayed under each tab.
  5. Matching pictures earn prizes.
  6. The more matches, the bigger the prize. Consumer may claim an earned prize at any time but must stay in the game till the end for the chance to win the top prize.













match and win experiential promotionsAlso Available

One Time Use Match & Win - A new twist on an old favorite.

  • Pull tab games.
  • Use the lighted moving message board to announce game instructions.

Example: Pull tabs A, I and K to see if you’ve won a prize!

The moving message board is completely stand alone. Draws attention to the client’s product. Makes the game more fun to play. And can be programmed with in-store advertising messages.

The marquee sign is programmed before delivery. Just plug it in and it’s ready to go! Weekly messages rotate automatically.