A "digital" card on a mobile device.

Movent Spectrum SMS Mobile Marketing

The success of any promotion is largely driven by
the number of consumers that participate.
With a quick text, all your customers get involved
at your counter, in the retail aisle, or at your event INSTANTLY!
Code transmission technology makes sure your message is received.
Collect data from every point in the interaction cycle.


Movent Spectrum SMS Mobile Marketing

Here's How it Works!

  • Consumers just text a keyword and will instantly receive a virtual game piece on their mobile device.
  • Promote it through all your media or just use P.O.S. signage.
  • Whatever method you choose, your customer gets involved and participates on multiple visits.


Movent Spectrum SMS Mobile Marketing

Why Does it Work?

Movent Spectrum is designed to connect with today’s mobile society. The ease of play coupled with a new chance to win every day makes it your next winning promotion!

Customize Everything to Meet Your Goals!

  • Theme
  • Length of Promotion
  • Signage
  • Use as a lead generation tool
  • Sweepstakes Tie-in
  • direct traffic to your website
  • Opt-in text program development.


Movent Mobile Event Marketing

If you haven’t started Mobile Marketing, it’s past time to get on board. If you’ve experimented, then shift into Movent Spectrum - the sales generating platform by Gold Media Group.

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