Scan N' Win

A frequency reward program designed for businesses that rely on frequency of customer visits. Use Scan N' Win to create incentives for repeat customers and improve customer retention.

scanner based point of purchase marketing system

Multiple Options

Scan N' Win is more than a scannable game piece and scanner set up at your point of sale. Scan N' Win is one of our most popular solutions, combining AART, tablet PC devices, and more.

Good for frequency of visit games, instant wins, sweepstakes.

Scan your game piece and get an instant audio response.

Sample Audio response: "Congratulations! You've won a ten dollar gift certificate, good throughout our store!"



How did use Scan N' Win?

scannable event marketing system for loyalty programs and special events

Simple, they combined our tablet PCs, scannable game pieces, bar coded wristbands and developed instant audio responses for their NCAA March Madness event.

Monster had people lining up to participate in this extremely popular promotion, and gathered tons of leads at the event. People continued to wear the Monster branded bracelet providing extra brand exposure!