Score, Cheer and Win!

Why Score, Cheer and Win Works: Costs less than $70 per event, Easy to use, Brand focused yet unobtrusive, Encourages customers to stay for the entire game and the Promotion lasts for several months!

How to Score Game Piece

How it works:

  1. Everybody gets a game piece.
  2. 2. Each game piece has possible scores for each quarter. Each score is printed as a barcode too.
  3. 3. At the end of each quarter, one of the scores on the game piece will match the actual score of the game. Scan the barcode for that score and quarter on the game piece.
  4. 4. The barcode scanner awards a prize to the lucky customer with the winning game piece! Start all over next quarter! For even more fun play the halftime and final combined scores!
  5. 5. Versions available for Basketball, Football, Auto Racing, Golf and more!